My Grandmother

I want to tell you about my grandmother. I recently got a tattoo to symbolize her and I’ve already had several people ask me about it so here goes.

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My grandmother is one of the most resilient and gracious people I know. She turns 90 this year and I wanted to reflect on her life. I remember in junior high we were asked to do an assignment on our family history and while most of the class just talked to their parents, I really took it to heart and spent an entire afternoon at my grandmothers house going through all her photos – everything she has of her childhood, married life, children, and grandchildren. She even pulled out the photos she has of before she was born, I got to see her parents and their parents. I know I held some reverence for what she showed me then but I have kept that assignment and every few years I look back at all the photos she let me keep and each time I flip through it I am reminded of her incredible life. This is her with her mother, Helena.

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There’s one photo, in particular, that really sticks in my head of her walking down the street with her friend. I love that they are both wearing calf-length coats, curls tucked into their headscarves, and matching boots.


My grandma grew up in a small farming town in Saskatchewan, the third child of nine. She went on to raise 6 children and now has a legacy of 18 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren and counting.


My grandpa was not present in our lives after they divorced shortly after my parents were married, so we have always joked about her being our families Queen Bee, our matriarch. I also recently learned my grandmother kept bees when they lived on the farm in Saskatchewan, combined with the representation of her as our matriarchal head, I decided to get a bee tattoo to represent her.

She is my model for so many things in my life, she has worked hard her entire life, she has raised 6 wonderful children, she is so strong, patient and kind. This tattoo is a daily reminder for me to be like her.


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